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Dgen Artrix H8

Textile printing with pigment and industrial ink chemistries
Descripción General

Artrix is the ultimate platform for direct printing on fabrics at professional level. Thanks to its high productivity, automation options and the sticky-belt feeding system, graphic users and industrial textile businesses can easily print on woven and nonwoven fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, Tyvek, rayon, velvet and more. The printing process with pigment inks is direct and doesn't require coating and finishing operations, such as steaming and washing, delivering vibrant colors and perfect softness for just-in-time delivery or sewing.

- 72m2/h high productivity by 1200dpi superb resolutions 
- Perfectly suitable for Pigment ink which allows printing on Cotton / Rayon / Polyester / Blended textile w/o coating, no steaming and no washing after printing. 
- Sticky belt style textile feeding system with detachable belt washing unit

5kg/color continuous ink supply system
Designed to be refilled with inks while printing.Level of ink is easy to check visually or by sensor.
Provided with a double filtering system to protect against harmful substances.

Detachable Belt Washing Unit

keeps the belt clean and extends adhesiveness.


Pigment ink for all

Printing on fabric without coating and steaming!

It becomes possible with textile pigment inks.

• No coating and steaming using a digital printer and pigment inks on co on, rayon and even blended fabrics! • Since 2010, d.gen has been supplying outstanding digital textile pigment inks.
• Vivid colors and excellent fastness without ge ing your print head’s nozzles clogged!
• Low energy consumption with waterless printing and digital textile pigment inks.

• Possible to relocate your production site to the urban area. 


Max. printing width : 1,850mm
Print head : native 600 dpi, 7pl/ dot. 8level grey scale
No. of colors : 8 colors
No. of nozzle / colors : 1,280 nozzle
Fabric feeding system : Sticky belt type
Recommended Fabric : Knit, Span, Woven
Textile inks : Textile pigment ink , Reactive dye ink, Disperse dye ink, Acid dye ink 

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