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Dgen Teleios HEXA

More colors, more speed for “The original direct print and fixation"
Descripción General

There are many copy cats of Teleios, but no one reaches our colors and productivity yet, in this class. With 6 colors, expand your color gamut and get eye-catching color like rich red, deeper black, royal purple, fluorescent yellow and pink. Excellent penetration for great looking prints front and rear. Superb color-fastness and water-resistance for outdoors.

LATEST RICOH PRINTHEADS | Thanks to the GEN5 printheads, recognized as a global leading technology for textile printing, Teleios G5 provides a 600dpi resolution with true greyscale. The latest version of the printhead comes with 1.280 nozzles per color and full greyscale, which enables printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr. Also the smaller version Teleios XL2600 is powered by the same state-of-the-art technology and can produce up to 150 sqm/hr.

Big ink feeding system (option)
This easy-to-use 5kg per color large capacity ink feeding system is an open ink system, which allows a stable and continous ink feeding, even able to refill ink while printing.


Able to expand the color gamut and reproduce eye-catching colors like rich reds, deeper blacks, royal purples, fluorescent yellows and pinks.

Excellent penetration for great looking prints at both front and rear sides. • Superb color-fastness and water-resistance for outdoor printings.

The world’s most installed printer in the so -signage market

• State-of-the-art patented textile feeding system provides an easy and excellent run-ability. • Excellent printing on woven fabrics and low elastic fabrics used for back-lit, flag, banners,

bedding and curtains.

Soft-signage on Textile

• Eye-catching rich reds, deeper blacks and royal purple colors with our
Teleios: the world’s most installed digital textile printer in the so -signage market.

Superb fastness and water-resistance

• Excellent penetration and a superb colorfastness. • Water-resistant ags will look great on both sides.

Patent textile feeding system

This state-of-the-art device provides an easy and excellent run-ability for printing on fabrics.

Heat-Fixation unit

Allows an uniform printing and fixing with no color differences between the front and the back side. 


Maximum Printing width : 1,880 mm
Printing Head : native 600 dpi, 7 pl/ dot. 8 level grey scale Maximum Resolution : 2400 dpi
No. of colors : 6 colors
Prin band width : 5.4 cm
No. of nozzle / colors : 640 nozzles/color
Ink types : disperse dye ink
External shape : 3300(W) x 1500(D) x 950 (H) mm
Printer : 220V, 2A (0.44Kw)
Fixation : AC 380V, 3phase (R+S+T+N+PE), 15A, 50/60Hz(9.87Kw) 

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