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Dgen Papyrus G5

La revolución en impresión de papel para sublimación a 138 m2/hr en 2 pasadas y alta resolución
Descripción General

Papyrus G5 is the latest addition in the d.gen's high-speed direct-to-paper printers range. This fully integrated production system comes with the latest Ricoh Gen5 printheads that guarantee up to 138 sqm/h printing speed, Furthermore, the well-matched paper feeding and take-up units provides good feeding of transfer paper which allows high productivity and 24/7 operation.

USD 99.995 + IVA
Stock disponible: 1 unidad

MEDIA FIXING & COLD+HOT DRYER | Papyrus G5 is equipped with a easy fixing unit for feeding every fabric width. Thanks to the dryer, that may operate in cold-only or cold+hot mode with temperatures up to 80 °C, the paper drying process is operated at full speed up to 138 sqm/hr.

Paper feeding system | Key component of good run-ability for unattended over night printing and guarantee wrinkle free even with low weight papers.

Jumbo-roll feeder | Designed for 3" core with 12" diameters roll, up to 120kg weight. Simply, accepts 1000meter roll by 58gsm, 1.85meter width.

RICOH GEN5 PRINTHEADS technology is in the forefront of industrial inkjet printing technology. These industrial printheads can guarantee native resolution of 600 dpi and printing resolutions up to 2.400 dpi with 7 picoliters droplet size at 8 levels greyscale. Each printhead has a printing band width of 108 mm with 1.280 nozzles, which guarantees unbelievable printing speeds up to 138 sqm/h on a compact printer's body.


138m2/hour high speed productivity printing and a superb run-ability

• 1280 nozzles/color and 10.8cm printing band width, Papyrus G5 can run at 138m2/h with a native 600dpi high resolution print head.

• Non-stop printing and superb run-ability allows a 24/7, 365 days production.

Printer for a low cost production

• Over 40% lower production cost compared to other printers.
• Possible to use of a low weight transfer paper in mini jumbo rolls and a low consumption

high density d.gen inks.

6 colors printing for eye-catching vivid colors

• Papyrus G5 meets today’s trends in the sportswear, flag and banner industries. • Prints deeper blacks, rich reds, fluorescent colors, purples, etc. 

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