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EFI Reggiani PRO 340

Soft signage for the serious pro

EFITM Reggiani PRO series printers are the superior choice for established soft signage producers looking to further grow business with industry-leading image quality and higher volume capacity.

Descripción General

Versatile and productive printing with impressive image quality

  • Print direct to textile or indirect via transfer process, enabling you to offer more materials and save money by using lower cost materials

  • Print dazzling displays, high-density backlit signs and more with ultra-high resolution four-color printing

  • Create soft signs and fabric displays that retain the drape and soft hand customers prefer

  • Produce graphics that can be washed and dried without wrinkling, folded without leaving marks, and reused

  • 3.4-meter wide aqueous-based soft signage printer

  • Dramatic four color printing with a wide color gamut

  • Ultra-high resolution up to 2,400 dpi with four level grayscale printing with 4 pL to 18 pL drop sizes

  • Print direct to textile or transfer paper with the ability to change over from one to the other

  • Sticky belt technology ensures consistent image quality at high speeds on a wide range of materials

  • Auto print head cleaning station increases printer uptime

  • Capping station to keep your system up and running

  • Unique ink recirculation system for improved ink yield

  • Wrinkle detect system protects against costly repairs due to head strikes

  • Revolving turret enables the quick change between materials while keeping the press in production



  • Reggiani PRO 340 (8H)

    • Prints up to 133 in (340 cm) wide

    • Fabric weight from 30 to 450 gr/m2

    • Entry and exit: standard roll unwinder up to 15 in (400 mm) outside diameter

    • Dryer: one chamber industrial available in either gas or electric

  • Reggiani PRO 340 (16H)

    • Prints up to 133 in (340 cm) wide

    • Fabric weight from 30 to 450 gr/m2

    • Entry: jumbo roll unwinder up to 35 in (900 mm) outside diameter

    • Exit: jumbo roll winder up to 35 in (900 mm) outside diameter or revolving turret

    • Dryer: one industrial chamber available in either gas or electric



Up to 2400 dpi


  • Reggiani PRO 340 (8H upgradable to highest level printing system available): production speeds (max.) up to 4,305 ft2/hr (400 m2/hr)

  • Reggiani PRO 340 (16H): production speeds (max.) up to 8,611 ft2/hr (800 m2/hr)


All popular desktop file formats, including PostScript® 3TM, EPS, TIFF, PDF, RGB/CMYK

Environmental considerations

  • Temperature: 68–75 °F (20–24 °C)

  • Humidity: 50–60%

  • Weight: 

    • 8H: 26,469 lbs (12,006 kg)

    • 16H: 27,350 lbs (12,406 kg)

  • Printer and dryer dimensions: 319 in x 192 in x 67 in (810 cm x 487 cm x 170 cm)

  • Printer electrical: 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz, 10kW

  • Dryer electrical (gas is available as alternative): 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz, 70kW

  • Water pressure:

    • Minimum: 22 psi (1.5 bar)

    • Maximum: 29 psi (2 bar)

  • Water volume: 1.32 gallons/min (5 liters/min) 

  • Water temperature: 68–77 °F (20–25 °C)


Genuine EFI Inks

Water-based CMYK dye sublimation inks

Fiery digital front end

  • EFI Fiery® proServer Premium

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